Empathize, Synthesise, Catalyse

Technical Capabilities

The Digital Health Studio is a led by the Patient Engagement Information Technology (IT) team. It is a human-centred, design thinking-led innovation lab focused on the prospective users of digital health solutions.

Aligned with our mission in fostering collaboration, the Digital Health Studio leverages the enormous capabilities of our IT Hubs globally, our Commercial or MRL Research Teams and the local ecosystems of start-ups and prospective partners.

What We Do 

We have four categories of services: Seek, Map, Learn and Engage.


These sets of services focus on developing an understanding of the opportunity or challenge. This includes:

  • Integrative Reviews
  • Policy and Socio-Economic Environment Assessment
  • Market and Ethnographic Research
  • Workshops, Interviews or Focus Groups with Key Stakeholders
  • Landscape Analysis of existing solutions
  • Business and Societal Value Assessment


We facilitate our key stakeholders in developing insights and empathy. These services include workshops and related activities to produce:

  • Consumer/Patient Journey Mapping
  • Persona Design
  • Consumer/Patient/Caregiver in the context of the healthcare environment


As we build a solution for the problem or opportunity, we aim to learn quickly by ensuring we’ve suitably accounted for the assumptions and test for those that are most likely to impact the overall outcome we are aiming for. These sets of services include:

  • Lo-Fidelity and Hi-Fidelity Prototyping
  • CX/UX Design and Testing
  • Data Analysis
  • Regulatory Assessments


The team believes that we don’t work alone. We aim to understand, support and engage with local ecosystems as much as possible. These services include:

  • Technology Landscape Analysis and Assessments
  • Hackathons
  • Start-Up Spotlight events and participation
  • Partnership Design & Engagement

Susan Lorraine Bennett
Patient Engagement, MSD Global Human Health IT


Susan is an experienced innovator and general manager. Her 25-year career spans from design to product and business development. Driven by a hunger to innovate, she has been able to pivot across oil & gas, telecommunications, agriculture and life science.

Prior to MSD, in December 2008 Susan co-founded CrossInnovation, LLC and was subsequently acquired by Accelerated Vision Group, LLC in March 2013. At those organizations, she led a talented team that successfully implemented a cognitive computing platform to solve business problems in retail, oil & gas and healthcare.

Susan earned a B.Sc. in Systems Design Engineering from University of Waterloo, Canada. This provided her with a foundation in designing and engineering systems with core concerns for the user and their environment. In 2008, for 7 years she continued formal studies through a private institution, the Aji Network, that provides business education with roots in biology and linguistics.


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to build compelling experiences that promote better health outcomes, while enabling us to access a continuous stream of high-quality data to do better science by empowering individuals. 

Our core focus is a patient-centric approach that provides a rewarding customer experience, accessibility and/or affordability without compromise on the value of our medicines. As a result of participating with us and the ecosystem around our medicines, our goal is to see patients become more engaged with their health and wellness.

Roles and Responsibilities

Intake Process

  • Integrative Review
  • Landscape Analysis

Customer Journey Design

  • Consumer/Patient Journey Mapping
  • Persona Design
  • Ethnographic Studies
  • Consumer/Patient Needs Assessment

Design Thinking Workshops and Facilitation

  • Design Thinking Facilitation
  • Prototyping

Ecosystem Services

  • Landscape Analysis
  • Partnership Design & Engagement